GamCare is a Registered Charity

GamCare is an independent body that is actually run as a registered charity and provides a service for all gamblers, potential gambles and people just interested in gambling. GamCare exists to help prevent addition and help find the ultimate safe online casino to play at. At GamCare you can find help, support, counseling and even up to date information on the best and most suitable places to play and how to play casino games. Whether you are interested in online casino games or land based casino games, GamCare covers both areas.

Three Types of Help at GamCare

At GamCare you can find three types of help in the form of support. When you are playing at a safe online casino it is always a good idea to keep your spending down to a certain limit and make sure that you are in control of what you are doing. At GamCare you can find a helpline which is available from 8am to 2am 7 days a week. This is a number you can call and discuss with the trained operatives about your gambling and if you are nervous that you are becoming addicted, they can help you curb this addiction by presenting a fair and sensible approach to the whole gambling issues.

Live Chat Help at GamCare

You can also contact the live chat that is provided by GamCare where you can chat online in real time with a counselor and discuss all of the gambling issues that you may have. When you are playing at a safe online casino, sometimes the security is not enough you also need to discuss your gambling habits with someone in case they are getting out of hand. Many players get carried away with the bets and potential to win when playing at online casinos and sometimes don’t even realize it, GamCare is a registered organization that helps you realize the issues you may be facing and the challenges that there are in not overstretching your limits while still being able to enjoy yourself.

Chat with Like Minded Players at GamCare

The final type of support that you find at GamCare is the forum or chat room where you can chat with like minded players about different games and of course your potential addiction. This chat room is one of the most beneficial aspects of GamCare as you can compare with other players and help stop each other from over doing it. The chat room is monitored by employees of GamCare. A link to GamCare can be found at leading online casinos which are considered to be representative of a safe online casino. Any casino that employs the concept of responsible gambling is considered to be a safe online casino and will offer you the chance to discuss your potential addiction with representatives of the GamCare voluntary organization.