ClickandBuy Casino Deposit and Payout Guide

Any time you are thinking of gambling online there are two things which are very important for you to be aware of: The first is to be sure that you have chosen a safe online casino for your online gambling. The second is to be sure that you have found and are using a safe casino banking option. This is where the ClickandBuy online banking option comes in.

ClickandBuy has been a European leader in safe casino banking for over eight years. It is definitely a safe and secure way to fund all of your online casino games. Every safe online casino available on the internet will display ClickandBuy as one of its preferred online banking systems.

Using ClickandBuy to Fund Your Online Gaming Is Better

ClickandBuy was first launched in Germany in the year 2000. But it has since grown in area and popularity and, today, it covers most of Europe, Britain, Asia and Canada. It is considered one of the safe casino banking systems for depositing funds into your safe online casino account.

The Advantages of Using the ClickandBuy Safe Casino Banking System

It is very easy to use the ClickandBuy online payment system. Registration is free. All you need to do, once you have decided on your safe online casino, is to log onto the ClickandBuy site and then click on Register. Then just follow the ClickandBuy instructions. You will receive a user name and password after you have supplied your bank account or credit card information. This personal data is kept safely and securely by the ClickandBuy sophisticated SSL encryption technology which is one of the reasons that ClickandBuy has such a good reputation as a safe casino banking method.

Once you are in possession of your user name and password, log onto your safe online casino and click on the ClickandBuy option for depositing your funds into your casino account.

ClickandBuy collects your online payments and deposits once a month through direct debit, credit card, invoice or prepaid account. You are able to review all your transactions at any time ensuring that you are using a safe casino banking system. Your safe online casino will be only too pleased to serve you when you deposit funds to your account with the ClickandBuy system.

ClickandBuy is recognised as an e-Money organization under EU directives and is subject to the Financial Services Authority which supervises all UK transactions. Funding your online gambling at your safe online casino with ClickandBuy will give you smooth and hassle free gaming at all times.